Accessories for Hair

If a person has long hair or if they want to make their hair have some style they can add a hair accessory. Hair accessories can allow a person to have the hair out of their face and still look nice. These are some common hair accessories and how they are used.

Jaw Clip

This clip can be used as an alternative to hair type. It can be used to keep the hair up and keep it away from the face. They come in many shapes, sizes, and design patterns.

French Combs

This is a comb that can be pushed into the hair and it will be locked in place. There are difference sizes and some of them are good for people with thicker hair. There are different materials used to make the comb and many of them are decorative.


Hair pins or bobby pins are used to keep the hair held in a certain position. They can be plain and designed to blend in with the style. There are others that contain jewels and other designs to stand out. They can be used in daily styles or they can be used to secure fancy hair styles in place.

Stretch Combs

These items are a cross between hairbands and combs. They will stretch around the head and will hold the hair in place. It can be used to help push the hair out of the face. They come in different colors and all have the same design. This look has been seen by both male and female soccer players to keep the hair out of the eyes while they are playing.

These are some popular hair accessories that can be used to keep hair out of the face. They are stylish and can be used in many different types of hair.